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Air Pollution Control

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Wet Scrubber Systems

Pre Scrubber , Acid Scrubber, Cyanide Scrubber, NOX Scrubber

  • Scrubber system with combination of Pre-Scrubber

    Wet scrubber system with combination of Pre-Scrubber, Acid Scrubber and NOX Scrubber effectively treats the fumes emitted in the various production processes. Acidic fumes are neutralized to pH 7 in Acid Scrubber and NOX is treated in NOX Scrubber and the alkaline solution will be sent to the in-house Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS). The treated air is discharged to atmosphere through a chimney and conforms to Environmental Quality Act (Clean Air) Regulation 2014. Similarly, cyanide fumes pass through the Cyanide Scrubber with reactive agents and the alkaline solution goes to the IETS in compliance with the Clean Air Regulation 2014.

  • Pre-Scrubber is directly connected to the point of emission

    In the facilities Pre-Scrubber is directly connected to the point of emission at the production equipment to pretreat the fumes so that efficient treatment can be carried out in the main scrubber which can be sized smaller for energy savings.

  • All scrubbing waste water are treated in our in-house IETS

    The emitted air from the scrubber system no longer poses a threat to the environment. Additionally, all scrubbing waste water are treated in our in-house IETS.

7 units of Wet Scrubber System + 4 units of Pre - Scrubber

SOX & NOX Wet Scrubber

5 Units of Bag Filter System / Dust Collector with air impulse self cleaning

Dust Collector with Air Impulse Self Cleaning

Post Combustion Chamber, Quencher, Rotary Cyclone, Filter Bag Dust Collector, Cartridge Dust Collector

Industrial effluent Treatment System for Acid, Alkaline and Cyanide waste water

Industrial Effluent Treatment System

Our industrial effluent treatment system technology employs a total system that functions under a comprehensive concept. Such concepts include pH neutralization processing, coagulating sedimentation treatment, pressure floatation treatment, bio oxidation processing, filtering and absorption processing. The water discharge to monsoon drain is conforming to Environmental Quality Act (Industrial Effluent) Regulation 2009-Standard B.

Additive Injection of Sorbacal SPS

Additive Injection of Sorbacal SPS

Additive injection of Sorbacal SPS is used to trap SOx, HCl, HF and other pollutants to be further treated with Wet Scrubber. Standby Generator Set ensures the Pollution Control System is always functional even during any power failure.

Pollution Control Systems

Uninterrupted APCS supported by Generator

Auto Damper