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Copper Recovery Refining

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Pre-Treatment Processes

  • Raw Material

    For our Copper Recovery & Refining division – majority of our raw materials come from electrical waste and electronic equipment which contains electrically powered components. In general term this is called “e-waste”. e-waste is a source of precious metals, such as gold, palladium, platinum and silver, and base metals, such as copper.

  • Pre Treatment

    Upon receiving, the e-waste is analyzed, and appropriate pre-treatment processes takes place based on the components found on the e-waste to ensure optimal recovery of the raw material. The pre – treatment processes include dismantling, segregation, and crushing using modern technology and highly skilled employees.

    Dismantling and segregation takes place to ensure only the desired components are processed in the Copper Smelting furnace. The discarded components will most likely be processed in other divisions of Shan Poornam Metals.

Extract copper and precious metals


Shan Poornam’s Copper Smelting furnace is specially designed to extract copper and precious metals from electronic scrap and e-waste.

Our smelting technology runs on a form of renewable energy known as waste-to-energy. The e-waste charged into the furnace contains carbonaceous materials such as plastic which is burned off to release energy that is used in smelting. This process which is a form of energy recovery is also a clean and renewable energy source.

Our technology is designed to promote efficiency of smelting by using an injection lance to feed material at an even flow in a distributed manner inside the furnace. Doing so ensures uniform reaction and even heat distribution that results in the optimized performance of the furnace. Additionally, all output from the furnace are recycled to be used back into consumers raw material, promoting circular economy.


The output of the furnace is known as black copper which goes for further refining to extract pure copper and precious metal content.


The byproduct of this process is called slag which is used as an aggregate in the construction industry.

TSL Furnace

SWARNA/Copper Plant

Swarna is a state of art Top Submerged Lance furnace using Scada, closing the material cycle enabling energy recovery.

Copper blister produced will undergo copper refining in Copper Tank House where copper cathodes of 99.99% purity are produced.

Slime deposited at the bottom of the tank will undergo a hydro metallurgy process in our specially designed high tech recovery equipment with an auto dosing system to optimally recover the precious metal.

Recovered precious metal will be further refined using our customized equipment with a specially designed condenser equipped with reactor to optimize the yield and produce high purity of precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

Refined precious metals with purity up to 99.99% are then sent to PGM Casting Department and cast into the respective ingot using a dedicated furnace.

Recovery & Refining

Fire Refining and Anode Casting

In Shan Poornam, we use our Anode Furnace to further refine black copper through oxidation and reduction processes. The product from the Anode Furnace is called an Anode Copper and it is casted by a semi automatic casting machine. Anode copper contains a high percentage of copper along with precious metal content and it goes into our in-house Copper Electro Refining division for further recovery.

Copper Electro-Refining

Modern copper refining technology is employed at SPM to extract a pure copper cathode of purity 99.98 % from our copper anode. The byproduct of this process is a slime with precious metal content that is recovered at our PGM refining facility.

Electrolytic Copper Cathode Specifications

Product Specifications

  • Copper Cathode Electrolytic Grade
  • Standard Copper Cathode Purity>99.98%


  • 560 X 880 X 3mm (approx.)
  • 660 X 790 X 3mm (approx.)

Weight of each sheet

  • 10-12 Kg

Net Weight of Each Pallet

  • 1-1.5 Mt (metric ton)


  • Pelletized with Steel Strap