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Pre-Treatment Process

Our raw materials undergo the pre-treatment process to provide the best input composition for recovery & refining. The pre-treatment processes include but are not limited to:

  • Mechanical processes

These processes yield stable raw material which are then used to achieve optimal efficiency in our state-of-the-art recovery & refinery stages.

Mechanical Processes

-> Jaw crusher
-> Ball-Mill
-> Hammer mill

Separation Technologies

-> Dry separator
-> Magnetic separator
-> Siever
-> Eddy Current separator
-> Cyclone separator

Thermal Decomposition

-> Burn off burner
-> Pyro-processing unit
-> Calcinatory

Chemical Treatment

Customized equipment such as:

-> Refining units
-> Reactors

Recovery & Refining

The development of customized process flow by our R&D team allows us to optimize high yield recovery with reduced environmental burden.

The recovery processes consists of:

  • Hydro-Metallurgy
  • Pyro-Metallurgy
  • Electro-Chemical Techniques.

The recovery process is our facility is able to be done is a batch by batch basis, allowing us to individually recover materials from each customer.

Material load range per batch – PGM content of 30gm to maximum 100 Kgs of raw material.

Ion exchange process technology is available to recover PGM selectively.
NOx and SOx fumes are eliminated by our chemical treatment equipment connected to stand-alone pre-scrubbers. This allows us to treat the fumes before they enter the environment.

Our team of internationally accredited experts address the technical aspects of these processes.

Melting Process

Melting process is to convert the recovered and refined semi finish materials into finish goods as an ingot using a high temperature melting process.

To avoid cross-contamination during melting, our facilities feature dedicated equipment for the melting of each precious metal.

We can melt metals into granules, bars and coins.

Internal ICP and Fire assay analysis are available. Third party certification on the evaluation of the quality of refined ingot is also available upon request.

Finished Goods

Recoverable metals obtained through our environmental friendly technology are:

Gold (Au)

Gold Ingot, Au Granules, Au Solution

Platinum (Pt)

Platinum Ingot, Pt Sponge, Platinum Chloride.

Palladium (Pd)

Palladium Ingot, Pd Sponge.

Silver (Ag)

Silver Ingot, Ag Granules, Ag Solution.

Indium (In)

Indium (In)

Indium Ingot.

Tin (Sn)

Tin Ingot, Tin Sponge.

Copper (Cu)

Copper Ingot, Copper cathode sheet.

Other REE’s