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Surface Treatment Facility


Shan Poornam offers surface cleaning adhering to stringent cleaning standards under heavily regulated environmental conditions. With a production capacity of 4 batches per day, we achieve a process turnaround time anywhere between 1 – 14 days based on the service required.

Our wide range of equipment and tools allows us to define a flexible process flow for our customers. We have the resources, equipment, and the technical skills to accommodate for customer's defined process (tailor made process flow) with a recovery efficiency of above 97%.

Process Flow

The optimized combination of physical, mechanical and chemical mechanisms using customized chemicals allows Shan Poornam to effectively remove the sputtered materials on the components.

Through our R&D team, we continuously strive for the next generation of sputtered materials removal and optimal recovery of precious metals while extending the life span of the process kits and ensuring zero contamination.

Incoming Quality Control

Incoming parts weight and physical properties are evaluated at this point

Reclaim Recovery

Collection of PGM with/without etching the base has been carried out.

Surface preparation

Preparation of the base jigs parts as per the surface preparation parameters provided by customer.

Outgoing QC

Reassurance of required parameters provided by customer.


Whole process turnaround time can be done between 1 - 14 days based on the service required.